Latest news: Bella Collina Under Investigation

Bella Collina manager under investigation

The current Bella Collina was conceived by the criminal Richard Arrighi and funded by Dwight Schar. He’s a disbarred attorney, who lost his law license and was jailed for being part of a criminal scheme that stole $9,600,000 from the Massachusetts State Treasury, the largest theft in its history.

ABC TV Investigates Bella Collina – Residents Complain Of Abusive Behavior and Intimidation of Residents

8 thoughts on “Latest news: Bella Collina Under Investigation

    1. Louella Romero

      I had also thought the properties were high. I have visited the Bella Collina Homes and they seem to fit the price range. It is true that the club fees are a bit expensive, but Bella Collina is a luxury community so this should be expected.


      1. Carmen Morales

        Whether it is a luxury community or not, prices should be reflective of the actual value of the property. A few extra dollars can be added for profit but that does not mean that the cost of living there should be sky high.


    1. Marie Daniels

      It is unfortunate that these few people have been scammed. However, I live in Bella Collina and I have never had bad encounters of any sort.


    1. Elsie Graves

      I am not sure Richard Arrighi is continuing his criminal acts. Maybe he is just trying to make an honest living, a far cry from what he did in his past.


  1. Tim Porter

    Can someone provide with more information on the scam that Richard Arrighi was involved in, including news reports? I would like to know a bit more on his background.


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