Siena at Bella Collina Condos – UGLY Looking?

Siena Bella Collina is UGLY looking

Siena at Bella Collina is described by the media and others as “UGLY looking” and “out of place.”

I have to agree. I can’t see who would want to pay money to buy a condo and live a hotel that hosts load drunk wedding partying people.

“Lake Siena” is LAKE PINE and is the result of a peat mine and muck farm that gouged underground goodies out of the land and departed. The swamp has alligators in it and is NOT SAFE.

Bella Collina asked Lake county to give it a fancy Italian name to mask the truth from homebuyers.

I found ZERO sales on Lake County website from the last 6 months and I believe it was claimed to be starting sales in summer 2018.

Condo price? I see only gullible people losing money in Bella Collina.


I’m Don Karl Juravin and I’m a resident in Bella Collina and I’ve seen the Siena at Bella Collina condos. They are UGLY…. and out of place. I’m not a real estate expert.


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