Bella Collina Weddings – looking for a hairdresser?!

Hairdresser in Bella Collina Spa

Is the Club at Bella Collina now cares about weddings more than it’s TRAPPED, club members? Hairdresser in the Bella Collina SPA?

Bella Collina weddings review

Reminder: Bella Collina homeowners are trapped in paying about $5,000 to $10,000 a year for life to the Club + $40,000 to $80,000. The Club at Bella Collina is actually a weddings venue and doesn’t offer much.

Over 17 years Bella Collina was not able to achieve more than 5% to 8% of real family occupancy and remains a ghost town. Homeowners or lot owners continue to lose a great deal of money. 500 to 700 families probably feel #BellaCollina is a #SCAM after they have lost all their money and more.

Upcoming: Bella Collina WEDDING GUIDE: What is Bella Collina weddings costs?

I’m Don Karl Juravin protecting homeowners with FACTS regarding Bella Collina.

Dwight Schar, the owner, Paul Simonson, criminal Richard Arrighi (the manager) or Randall Greene the maintenance guy, is welcome to correct me with FACTS at any time and corrections will be made on any and all social media channels.

Bella Collina weddings review

5 thoughts on “Bella Collina Weddings – looking for a hairdresser?!

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  2. Justin Watkins

    Part of the problem of them losing customers is that they are not responsive, I am trying to book a venue by 2 weeks but no response. It looks like they are not professional. I contacted the coordinator he again did response me properly. The guys are really unprofessional, needs to improve business ethics and learn who to deal with/handle customers.


  3. Janice Bryant

    I think the business owner is focusing on the wrong thing. Hence, the reason for his loss. Take, for example, the ad for a hairstylist. I am no businessman but intuition tells me that there should be an add for a new finance person or others that will help in the better of his business.


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