Ugly toilets on Bella Collina streets year-round


Ugly toilets on Bella Collina streets year-round 24/7/365 and worse during weekdays when workers’ cars are everywhere and on the lawn. Not luxury. Maintenance guy Randall Greene is FAILING.

Don Karl Juravin reviews

So you are looking for luxury and you see “luxury” pictures on the Bella Collina site. The sales force of Bella Collina Real Estate may drive you around and show you what they want to show you… and there are many nice parts in Bella Collina.

Bella Collina residents‘ experience – Don Karl Juravin REVIEWS

But what our nonprofit service is here to reveal is what we, the residents, see on a daily basis. 

We see a TRASHY Bella Collina and it disturbs us. If the salesperson dismisses the big trash containers and the very visible toilets as “construction” or “temporary” we can tell you that’s it’s a lie. 

Construction in Bella Collina seems unsupervised and workers’ cars are parking everywhere, as well as trash and trailers. One construction house can spread over 6 lots and the one we see daily has been “under construction” for over 4 years. 

So: it’s NOT TEMPORARY and it doesn’t have to be so UGLY. However, Dwight Schar the owner is an older rich man and he doesn’t care. That’s why he placed a maintenance guy (Randall F. Greene) who is incapable and only intimidates and is detrimental to Bella Collina.

2 thoughts on “Ugly toilets on Bella Collina streets year-round

  1. Dian T.

    Seriously? For a year, it can mean that they don’t have functional public toilets around or there are constructions that haven’t been finished for 1 year. Still, whether you are a resident, a visitor, a staff, or even a construction worker, you deserve a clean and humane public utility, given the fact that Bella Collina is an expensive place and gains internet audience.


  2. Maison Gutierez

    Too bad if you have to look at those everyday. Why don’t they build functional toilets? It is an expensive place but no public restrooms…


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