FIVE YEARS FOR SALE: 16623 Arezo Ct, Bella Collina, FL 34756 – DROPPED $1 million – OWNER LOST MAYBE ANOTHER $1 million

16623 Arezo Ct, Bella Collina, FL 34756 - home review by Don Juravin live in Bella Collina

Don Juravin reviews 
16623 Arezo Ct, Bella Collina, FL 34756

The initial price was higher by about 40% when first listed in 2014. The seller has dropped already the price by $1,000,000 and still NO BUYERS.

Criminal Richard Arrighi (acting manager), Randall Greene (maintenance guy) and Paul Simonson (Dwight Schar finance guy) who work for Dwight Schar are not doing so well in Bella Collina based on this gloomy house and almost no home or condo sales for the last one or two years.

During these 5 years of waiting to sell, estimated expenses of about $150,000 a year for tax, fees, club and other. Cost of money over 5 years at about 5%-6% a year @ asking price is about $800,000. Closing of 6-7% is about $150,000.

Gross estimated total expenses/cost over 5 years: $1.1 million + $1 million lost from asking price. That will be a total of $2 million LOSS from the time of listing at that price.

About 400-500 families lost all their investment in Bella Collina which seems to be JINXED with BAD LUCK.

A Don Juravin review: a resident in Bella Collina with vast experience and knowledge about Bella Collina. I’m not a real estate professional.

22 thoughts on “FIVE YEARS FOR SALE: 16623 Arezo Ct, Bella Collina, FL 34756 – DROPPED $1 million – OWNER LOST MAYBE ANOTHER $1 million

    1. Brian Brown

      I purchased a house there and faced a lot of issues. There was no proper security, I felt so unsafe. Additionally, the tap water is never pure. It is always discolored and smelly. I complained about these issues just to be promised that it will be taken care of. However, these promises were never fulfilled. They definitely need a new manager.


    2. William Ruiz

      That’s correct, a new business manager will surely break the “bad luck”. All the absence of luck may be due to the fact that they have caused so many pain when they carried out their criminal acts in the past.


    1. Alexa Fowler

      While these may be true, I do not think that everyone has those bad experiences. My foster family bought their property at a very reasonable price at Bella Collina Homes and do not pay a lot for annual fees.


    2. Wyatt Hamilton

      It’s like a prisoner in your own house, without the freedom to do anything. Want to play some music? Nope. Your neighbors will call the cops on you because your houses are too close together. Bella Collina should really stop ripping their customers off.


      1. Earl Fleming

        I’m glad I stumbled upon a place where I can get HONEST reviews on Bella Collina Homes before I decided to make a purchase. I was told that they are the best in Florida.
        Thanks to the author of this article, I know the truth:


    3. Gregory Hoffman

      I will not be considering Bella Collina Homes, nor will I allow my friends or family to consider them. Their prices do not match the type of service and quality that they give. I’ve visited their homes and when asked about the terrible conditions in which some of these homes are, I was promised that they are subject to renovation.


  1. Maureen Johnston

    I’ve bought a property at Bella Collina and have not regretted it! The value of my property remains the same for over 3 years. Maybe these customers that face these issues need to recheck their financial plans.


    1. Isabella Oliver

      That’s great news! I contacted them and was given a date to visit. On the agreed date, however, they were a no show and accused me of not being on time. Maybe the truth is that they are unprofessional and may be scammers indeed.


    2. Gordon May

      I feel the same way! I do not think that a few bad reviews and someone’s past should be used to discredit a business. Mr. Richard is probably trying his best to save a dying business.


    3. Alberto Simpson

      I would love to know where this information along with all the statistics mentioned was gathered from. If anyone can the links to the reference, it would be good.


  2. Karl Moore

    I just think that Bella Collina needs a new financial plan. Who knows, maybe the Financial manager needs to be replaced for terrible planning and executing or budgeting. It may not be all of Richard Arrighi’s fault.


    1. Sandra Hunter

      There should be no excuses for someone that has been in business for so long. Bella Collina Homes have been around for many years. I would like to think that by now Richard would know if Mr. Simonson is the cause of his failing business.


  3. Susan Pena

    Due to the fact that they have had very few sales within the past years, they are hiking other fees and are finding every excuse to penalize you or to take money from you. I’ve never had encounters with them but Fiance does.


  4. Brittany Bradley

    “Once a criminal, always a criminal”. This is very much true. We should not expect better from one of the biggest crooks in history. Taking from people seems to be what he loves to do.


  5. Janet Howard

    I am having a hard time believing this is what occurs at Bella Collina. I have a few distant relatives that have properties there. I am not sure if they have had any major issues. I would love for someone to give me more information on this.


  6. Carole Wheeler

    The biggest question is: Why not give up on the business that has been failing for years? Why choose to rip off persons to regain what you lost? Are you that hungry for money?


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