Bella Collina Announcements (Facebook)

6 thoughts on “Bella Collina Announcements (Facebook)

  1. Carolyn Johnson

    I really appreciate your work guys, thanks to aware peoples for Bella Collina Scam. I would like to have more information about the Spa at Bella Collina with bad services. Thanks!


  2. Jimmie Myers

    Hi, I am not sure that, are all the information here right or not? If yes, then Bella Collina should be banned and authorities should cancel the license too.


    1. Mario Hicks

      The authorities are probably being paid off as well. Let’s face it, these people are big-time crooks. Who knows what they have up their sleeves. They cannot be trusted it is up to us to make the change.


      1. Gloria Stanley

        Exactly, that’s why we need to take action into our own hands. No more waiting on authorities. Let us try our best to expose these criminals. Let us stop people from choosing their services.


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