63 Months NO Sale Despite a Drop of 32% In Price – 16623 Arezo Ct, Bella Collina, FL 34756

Bella Collina Zillow listing

How much Bella Collina homes drop in price?

How long does it take to sell a house in Bella Collina? Can Zillow be manipulated by Bella Collina real estate or homeowners?

Bella Collina home price checker by Don Juravin

Bella Collina Home price sale review – 16623 Arezo Ct, Bella Collina, FL 34756

The owners of the house on 16623 Arezo Ct, Bella Collina, FL 34756 are trying to sell it since July 2014. That is more than 5 years!

It’s original asking price was almost 50% more 5 years ago when the homeowners first placed it on the market. $1,100,000 loss over the asking price.

Further possible losses of an addition $1,150,000 during the five plus years that the house in Bella Collina was not sold:

  • about 30% in financing interest rate based on 5 to 6 percent a year. That is a loss of about $1 million from the asking price
  • An estimated $115,000 real estate tax during the 5 years
  • Bella Collina Club fees $24,000 to $48,000
  • HOA $10,000
  • Maintenance of such house over five years

I think Dwight Schar, the owner and controller of Bella Collina, is responsible for this gloomy results. Placing 30 ugly signs on the road is not bringing the results. For as long as Paul Simonson and Randall F. Greene are involved, Bella Collina homes will continue to lose money and be JINXED with BAD LUCK and the same goes to Siena at Bella Collina condos.

I’m Don Juravin, resident of Bella Collina presenting a simple observation on on available facts. I’m not a real estate expert (nor am I licensed)

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