Bella Collina Homes Warning

Property owners in Bella Collina are continuing to lose money under Dwight Schar and the bad management of Paul Simonson.

Zillow estimated $650K and it was sold for $275K.

It was sold for 50% less (!) than Zillow estimated after 3 years on the market. Added potential LOSSES of: TAX + estimated club dues of $14,000 + ~ $12,000 HOA
See for yourself:

Based on Zillow, buyers don’t really see a value and shy away from Bella Collina or its troubled history.

While the rest of Florida was doing well, Dwight Schar, Paul Simonson and Bella Collina’s numbers are very gloomy:

> Average 44 months sale per property
> Very low average of $184 per sf
> ZERO value for the land/lot in home purchase