SCAM & FRAUD accusations in 500 lawsuits & class action against Bella Collina, Dwight Schar & Paul Simonson

FACTS: 17 years and only 5% to 8% real family occupation. 500 to 700 homeowners abandoned Bella Collina refusing to pay Club dues or any HOA. Each family lost $100’s and even $ millions in Bella Collina.

Resident complaint of ABUSIVE behavior of the owner Dwight Schar, Paul Simonson and Randall Greene.

500 to 700 families lost each hundred of thousands of Dollars in BellaCollna and some lost millions of Dollars to accused Bella Collina Scam over the last 17 years.

Bella Collina + Dwight Schar  + Paul Simonson were involved in 500+ lawsuits against families who fled Bella Collina Florida leaving it as a GHOST TOWN with only 5% to maybe 8% real family occupancy after 17 years!

Only 6 properties were sold in 2018 with an average of $184 sf and after 44 months wait (average per property).

We decided to Expose Bella Collina and protect homeowners.

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Our REAL Bella Collina experience – FACTS


Bella Collina (Florida) Sued for FRAUD, Racketeering and Embezzlement


More than 400 days and NOT SELLING!


Like Father Like Son?