Homes & Lots in Bella Collina

Since 2002 almost everyone who was tempted to buy lost hundreds of thousands and some lost millions. 500 to 720 lot owners lost their lots to the devious DCS, Randall Greene and Dwight Schar who were accused in court of racketeering against home and lot owners.

The pictures confused even business people to fall into this real estate trap only to lose millions of Dollars.


Street of BAD Dreams – $6 millions to $8 millions LOSS

This investor bought into the "Bella Collina dream"  located on the Street of BAD Dreams... Total LOSS is estimated at $6 to $8 million dollars!   It's the $4 million dollars + 12 years of interest + cost of money + cost of other opportunities + club dues + property...

15 years of communication problems in Bella Collina ghost town

Though Bella Collina was established 15 years ago, only 1 internet provider is willing to service this ghost town. Even then with a lot of problems and repeated issues.   When I moved to Bella Collina not long ago, I encountered many internet connection issues and it...