Another $5,000 lot value, waterfront lot, in Bella Collina
15011 Pendio Dr, Montverde, FL 34756
Offered at $1.58 million for 7,400 s.f which is only $213 per sf and almost NOTHING for the waterfront LOT (I estimate it at $5,000) and still this property has not sold for 7 years!
7 years on the market, Bella Collina waterfront property at only $213 and no value for the lot and yet NO buyers.
The owner bought it for $1.8 mil and forced to lose $650k (36%)
15011 Pendio Dr, Montverde, FL 34756
Even at such a very good market, Bella Collina finds it hard to pay $213 per sf with $5,000 waterfront lot in Bella Collina. And yet, Bella Collina has proven to attract and convince guileless, or naive people to buy at unreasonable prices.
15011 Pendio Dr, Montverde, FL 34756
I’m no real estate expert but it seems like residents don’t really like living in BELLA COLLINA and realizing that the pictures of Bella Collina Club (which is mainly a wedding venue) is NOT the REALL BELLA COLLINA (attached are pictures of what living in Bella Collina looks like – TRASHY)
Anyone who wants to challenge the FACTS only is welcome to comment below (spammers will be deleted)
Don Karl Juravin
A Bella Collina resident

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