Bella Collina Latest News

Bella Collina under investigation.

Bella Collina was conceived by the criminal Richard Arrighi who presents himself as the de facto manager of Bella Collina, is a disbarred Massachusetts attorney, who lost his law license for his involvement in a criminal scheme that stole $9,600,000 from the Massachusetts State Treasury, the largest theft of state funds in Massachusetts history.

Randall F. Greene, the maintenance guy who took upon himself to be Dwight C. Schar companies’ spokesperson is accused of intimidation of residents, false promises and fraudulent real estate transaction (“stealing a house from a Bella Collina resident”). Randal Greene, and possibly his wife, Christina Greene, are suspects of using fake names on the web and creating defamatory news against residents who express their opinion of Bella Collina.

The Experience of Bella Collina Residents

Property owners filed a lawsuit against Bella Collina for spying after them using cameras and using the driving license given to the guard.

Must watch: the next video is the latest live pictures from Bella Collina as residents experienced it: